Comprehensive Dermatology Panel


Genetic testing in the field of dermatology is becoming more and more useful. An excellent example of the use of genetic testing in dermatology is mountaineering testing. It is possible to differentiate ocular aplination from alpinism syndrome, which contains disorders such as Hermansky-Pudlak, Chediak-Higashi, Griscelli and Waardenburg. In addition, genetic diagnosis provides information about vision disorders caused by ocular alpinism. It also predicts the effect of alpinism syndrome on Griscelli syndrome, where type 1 syndrome is associated with severe neurological disease and type 2 is associated with severe immunodeficiency.

In collaboration with your doctor select the Comprehensive Dermatology Panel, which includes 222 genes (Figure 3) for 18 genetically inherited dermatological diseases (Figure 2).

It is necessary to present a Medical Referral

The Comprehensive Dermatology Panel provides a complete clinical report, genetic counseling, analysis based on ACMG protocols, reanalysis every 6-8 months.

Response Time 4-6 weeks.

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