Comprehensive Cancer Panel - Inherited Cancer


Hereditary cancer syndromes account for about 5% –10% of all cancers. When many relatives on the same side of the family have the same or related cancers, the suspicion of inherited cancer arises. The most common types of inherited cancers are hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, Cowden syndrome, familial adenomatous polyposis, Von-Hippel neoplastic syndrome and 2. Most of the cancer syndromes are inherited in an autosomal dominant manner with high penetration. Genetic testing is the most effective way to identify people with a genetic predisposition to developing cancer.  

In collaboration with your doctor select the Comprehensive Cancer Panel, which includes 155 genes (Figure 3) for 19 genetically inherited cancers (Figure 2).

It is necessary to present a Medical Referral

The Comprehensive Cancer Panel provides a complete clinical report, genetic counseling, analysis based on ACMG protocols, reanalysis every 6-8 months.

Response Time 4-6 weeks.

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